Friday, January 27, 2017

January 27, 2017

Superintendent's Blog
January 27, 2015

This month, I am highlighting some of the many opportunities that make EWG a great learning community.

The new Metcalf chorus program has really taken off! We are so pleased to be able to offer this option during the school day for our fifth and sixth grade students! I had the opportunity to attend Ms. Place's very first chorus concert last week where more than fifty of our students shared their talents with family and friends. Also, congratulations to the seven students selected for this year's all-state elementary school chorus!  They are:

Avery Andrews
Devon Cranston
Hailey Horne
Hannah Brown
Hannah Pearson
Maya Horne
Rebecca Kilday

The Amgen-Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program that we started last year with sixth grade students at Metcalf has now expanded to include seventh graders as well. The following message from one proud parent was shared with the school:

"I wanted to share this with the school because it was a pretty special moment!  My daughter, Jillian (7th grade, White Knights) was asked to participate in a press conference last week with Governor Raimondo and Congressman Langevin, regarding the mentor program organized by Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State, between EWGJHS students and Amgen employees.  She stood on a stage with her mentor and a microphone ... and spoke for 3 minutes to an audience of over 100 people ... and she nailed it!!!

They discussed how the program has helped her, what she likes most about it, etc.  I have it on video if anyone would like to see it. She definitely made me proud and I'm sure the school would feel the same."
Check out the video by following the link below. We are all very proud!


Attention EWG Parents and Community -  Due to popular demand, The Partnership With Parents Program is hosting the “2nd showing” of the nationally acclaimed documentary entitled, “SCREENAGERS”.  This is a true story about a family who learned about the complex world of social media with their 13 year old daughter and how best to keep her safe and well balanced.  An open discussion will follow the presentation.  Check it out on  

Many have asked to see it online; but, it is only available via a contractual payment basis by our district.  So, PLEASE make every effort to attend as this is the last time we will be hosting this event which affects every student, family and faculty member!  Please join us on Wed., Feb. 1, 2017 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm in the EWG Junior/Senior Library (snow date, Feb. 2, 2017).  Any questions, contact Catherine Murray, Middle School Counselor at 397-6898 x 219 or  

Our SHS AP English class had a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to visit the JFK Library in Boston to view the Ernest Hemingway exhibit. Mr. Robitaille sent the following message regarding the experience: "Not only were they able to experience the rare documents on display in the regular exhibit, but they also received a VIP-style tour of the "inner sanctum," where some of the rarest pieces are kept. We were guided by one of the nation's leading Hemingway experts. Dr. Justice didn't just show us around, either. She guided the class through one of the most intense close reading experiences I have ever had, using the only existing handwritten draft of one of Hemingway's most famous stories. Her passion for the subject was infectious, giving us all a renewed enthusiasm for the power of the writing process, as well as an unprecedented insight into the mind of one of our greatest authors."


The Lineham playground improvements are complete! Day 1 of play was a huge success, which can only be described through pictures.





Check out the following link to see some of the creative offerings that our JSHS library-media specialist, Ms. Winner, has organized for students and their families. I am proud to say that our libraries are evolving to meet the changing needs of our students and the society they are growing up in.