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March 24, 2016

Superintendent's Blog
This past Tuesday, Metcalf students, teachers and administrators presented to the Exeter-West Greenwich School Committee about the exciting work that is happening at their school. Mrs. Ratigan and Mrs. Fish introduced the presentation as a focus on how learning at Metcalf has been designed to deeply engage students in meaningful work. School Committee members and district administrators visited several stations where students demonstrated examples of truly engaging learning experiences. We had the opportunity to talk with children as they enthusiastically explained their learning and answered probing questions to assess the depth of their understanding. It was absolutely fabulous!
Grade 3 students Paul and Katherine demonstrate how they have applied statistics and graphing across the entire grade level to learn that there are multiple ways to display data.

Grade 5 students from Mrs. Jordan's class (Maci-Grace, Kailey and Sofia) demonstrate to Mr. Erinakes and School Committee member Mrs. Zuercher strategies they learned to separate mixtures. We heard students using appropriate scientific vocabulary to explain their learning.

Domenic and Brielle explained some of the projects they have completed as part of the maker-space enrichment offered at Metcalf. Director of Administration, Mr. Ross, and School Committee member Mrs. Green see a demonstration of the marble drop construction.

Metcalf student selected as a finalist in the Governor for a Day essay contest!

Congratulations to Rebecca Kilday for being named a finalist in Governor Raimondo's Governor for a Day essay contest. Rebecca is one of over thirty students from Metcalf School to submit an essay to Governor Raimondo, and she was informed this week that she is in the running for the distinction. Best of luck, Rebecca! If you are selected as the State winner, I have some things I would like you to sign into law while you are serving as Governor for the day!

Metcalf after-school program is up and running! 

I had the opportunity to visit the Metcalf after school program last week to see a sampling of the variety of activities being offered this year to our students. The program has expanded quite a bit, with offerings in karate, foreign languages, and technology applications. Students in Ms. D'Amico's jewelry making class presented me with a new piece of shoelace jewelry and then wanted their photo taken for the blog. Thank you Macie-Grace and Victoria! 

Happy Spring!!
My next blog will be posted in mid-April.

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